Advanced Technology

Our office is not only surrounded by beautiful smiles, but is a comfortable environment where we make you feel comfortable. We use our advanced dental technologies to do just that, offering safe, fast, and comfortable dental treatments. 


Digital Impressions

What is it?

Our dentists can produce an accurate crown without a model by using a 3D scanner with the use of our latest digital restorative technologies. Digital Impressions are more comfortable for our patients than traditional impressions. In addition to comfort, scans can be immediately viewed by the dentist before sent over to labs, allowing for a quick and highly efficient process.


iTero is a ‘real time’ leading 3D scanning system used to produce digital impressions. This non-invasive system is not only comfortable but convenient for patients.  In a matter of minutes, it also allows dentists to transmit images of patient’s teeth for processing.

Digital Pan

X-Rays have now become more comfortable and easy with this high quality, durable, and safe technology!  This is good news because now diagnosing oral abnormalities is quick and easy! It’s even more comfortable, too!

Digital Radiographs

Digital X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film.  The process becomes much faster because chemical processing is not needed when digital radiographs are in use. This technology also allows the dentist to digitally transfer images onto a monitor and enhance them, which gives us a closer and more thorough view.


Due to fluoridation, caries, also known as tooth decay or cavities, can also be hidden down inside the teeth, rather than on the surface. It becomes more difficult to diagnose a tooth when the problem is on the inside and not the outside. The Diagnodent laser allows dentists to detect these subsurface caries more effectively. This technology allows for minimally invasive treatments without unnecessary preparation, avoids excavation of suspect teeth, and is extremely accurate while providing benefits for patients.


Oral cancer screening has never been easier than with Velscope technology! This technology is able to  detect many other oral abnormalities such as, viral, fungal, bacterial infections, inflammation, squamous papillomas, and salivary gland tumors. Early detection of these oral issues is extremely important because it allows for earlier treatment and better results.